XVIII Congreso de la Sociedad Cubana de Enfermería


Diabetes Research Trial: Nurse vs promotores-led workshops-Lessons Learned


Maria Elena Ruiz Stodick



Diabetes Type 2 (DT2) is a global health issue resulting in serious consequences.  In the US, Latinos are often diagnosed at an earlier age, with higher glucose levels, and complications that shorten life by almost 10 years. 

 The multidisciplinary research team developed a multiyear clinical research study on Latinos with DT2, funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Using a Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial design (SMART), the aims are to:

1) test various culturally tailored interventions and 2) examine which intervention works best for assisting Latino families to manage diabetes. 


 In phase 1 of the study, adult Latinos with DT2 are randomized to a nurse-led, or promotor-led educational workshop based on the Stanford  “Tomando Control de su Diabetes” educational workshops. For phase 2, participants who improve their diabetes continue the workshops. Participants without improvement are re- randomized to additional approaches; including multifamily support groups.


Almost 300 participants have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the study. In this presentation, the nurse co-investigator will describe the SMART Study design, share some findings and lessons learned.


There is increasing concern about Diabetes worldwide; with little evidence on interventions that work best for improving outcomes for Latinos with DT2. This study will foster creative research efforts for improving health for Latinos locally and globally. 

Key words: Diabetes, clinical research trial, Latino, promotores

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